Do you know your nearest Niska-restaurant?
When chef Michael Björklund opened the first Niska-restaurant in Mariehamn it swiftly became an success. Today you can also find Niskas plåtbröd in Turku, Tammisaari, Helsinki and Vaasa


On Niskas menu you can find Scandinavian pizza and salads in true archipelago style. The menus are similar in every restaurant although local varieties exist. The fundamental idea in all Niska restaurants – high quality Scandinavian pizza made out of Finnish and local ingredients.
Niska restaurant concept got its name from the famous bootlegger Algoth Niska that smuggled liquor to Finland and Sweden during the prohibition.


We are constantly looking for eager and serviceminded restaurateurs whom want to run a Niska restaurant and together develop the brand. Our restaurants are run with a wast local commitment and ownership. You are responsible to follow the concept standards swell as being part in developing them. You are responsible for your restaurant to be profitable. The most important part is that you can create and manage a committed team.

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