Niska Tammisaari

Come and taste our crisp, thin Åland-style pizzas!

Did you know that we also serve salads?

On our menu you can also find a selection of salads, perfect to enjoy on hot summer days!

also available as takeaway

We also offer all our plåtbröds and salads as takeaway. Why not eat on the beach or in the park?

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Thanks for this summer! See you summer 2024!

Welcome to Niska Tammisaari!

Niska Ekenäs is a summer restaurant located in a beautiful scenery next to the water in the guest harbour. We serve the classic Åland ”flatbread” pizzas and are open during the summer season. You have the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks in our nice looking boathouse or on our fantastic terrace overlooking the water. The environment at Niska Ekenäs is idyllic, rustic and traditional. Both young and old enjoys it here!

Plåtbröd and tales about a smuggler called Niska

The Niska concept was conceived by Michael Björklund— who has also appeared in the popular Strömsö television programme – in a small restaurant in the port area of Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. Björklund wanted to start a new kind of pizza restaurant, a place where pizzas were made somewhat differently.

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