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Finnish Archipelago pizzas

Niskas Plåtbröd are pizzas done in a style from the Aland Islands. All our plåtbröd are made with a high-quality cheese from Ålandsmejeriet and a tomatosauce that we cook ourselves. Most of the meat used come from the Aland Islands.

Take a look at our menu and come have a taste!

  • ALGOTH 15,50

    Sauna smoked ham, fresh button mushrooms, aioli & rucola (L)

  • Kickan 15

    Goat cheese, tomatoes, red onion, balsamico & rucola

  • Björklund 16

    Pulled beef, red onion, bearnaise sauce & rucola

  • Cecilia 16

    Prosciutto, goat cheese, red onion, balsamico & rucola

  • Jack 16

    Chicken, bacon, tomatoes, red onion, aioli & rucola (L)


Besides plåtbröd we also offer a selection of salads.

All our salads consist of a saladmix, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, our own marinated red onion and herb oil. The salad is served with a bread of pizzadough made to order and a sauce on the side.

  • Goat cheese salad 13.50

    served with Niskas own balsamico

  • Goat cheese salad with prosciutto 14.50

    served with Niskas own balsamico

  • Cold smoked salmon salad 13.50

    served with horseradish créme (L)

  • Chicken salad 13.50

    served with Niskas popular aioli (L)

Please inform the staff about possible allergies!

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