Niska Turku


and booking

Make a reservation in our atmospheric restaurant easily online by clicking the link below. Please know our restaurant can get crowded at evenings and weekends, so we recommend making the reservation well in advance.

We don’t take reservations via text messages, only dinnerbooking.com or  calling to the restaurant.

We don’t take reservations to the terrace, only walk ins.

Niska Turku

Opening hours


Tue – Thu: 11 – 21

Fri: 11 – 23

Sat: 12 – 23

Sun: 12 – 21

The kitchen closes 30 min before closing hours.

Take away

If you are in the mood for some Pub Niska delicacy, but don’t feel like dining at a restaurant, then you can as a private- or business customer order food through Wolt or Foodora either with delivery or pick it up yourself at our restaurant. Wolt offers the option ‘’leave it at the door’’, which makes it easier to avoid any unnecessary interaction. You can also call us at the restaurant directly and pick up the food yourself as take-away.

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